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History, polity, economy, geography, environment, science and tech - these are the sections (along with associated current affairs) that form the core of GS syllabus as far as UPSC is concerned.
A solid foundation builds a base for everything to be added upon it. Sthaapna series follows the same philosophy making your GS foundation interactive with MCQs and their PDFs enabling you to cover all GS concepts in a fun and quick way. 
In this video we shall be discussing some important aspects of “National Environment Legislations” for UPSC Civil Services Exam. This topic forms an essential component for the #Environment an integral part of GS-3 of the UPSC Syllabus.
While the theory discussed shall be useful for the candidates for the Mains Exam, the 5 MCQs discussed in this lecture shall help the aspirants to develop the right temperament for attempting the Objective Type Questions with accuracy. This shall help them to comprehensively prepare this topic for both UPSC Mains as well as UPSC Prelims.
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How do we plan to stick by our motto?
1) By deeply analyzing all previous year papers - both prelims and mains
2) By identifying all important topics and sub topics
3) By covering the above identified topics - both static and dynamic as part of our lectures on youtube
4) By keeping the length of material as well as videos short yet complete - for easy and effective revision
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