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Why CivilsTap?
FREE but High Quality!
Our resources are FREE but are being made by highly experienced UPSC IAS Mentors with years of experience.

Only Relevant Content!
Time is precious and it is even precious during IAS Preparation. We provide you only what's relevant to the exam.

Regular without FAIL!
We believe in the philosophy of Delivering daily "WITHOUT FAIL". We take just a Sunday OFF and deliver everyday!
The Philosophy
Welcome aspirants to CivilsTap - your one stop channel for UPSC Civil Services Preparation.
Our motto -
Read less, revise more
Minimum effort, maximum gain
How do we plan to stick by our motto?
1) By deeply analyzing all previous year papers - both prelims and mains
2) By identifying all important topics and sub topics
3) By covering the above identified topics - both static and dynamic as part of our lectures on youtube
4) By keeping the length of material as well as videos short yet complete - for easy and effective revision
Come, lets make UPSC preparation easy and enjoyable!
Student's Words
Why Sign up on CivilsTap?
All Resources in One Place
Get access to all the FREE video lectures, the PDF Files, the Quizzes and updates in one place for better revision and accessibility later. This also tracks what you have done and what not so you know where you need to put more efforts in.
Take Quizzes in Real Time
Take all the tests LIVE and in real time to get the real stimulation of how MCQs are solved and get a grasp over those little tricks when solving the same.
Learn Anytime, Anywhere!
With our Mobile App (Currently Available on Android), learn on the go! In the bus, during a walk, while in the gym, learn-revise multiple times to feed the right information into you again and again!
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