IAS Previous Year Ancient History Questions | Lecture 03 | Aryans & Vedic Age

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WHAT IS THIS VIDEO ABOUT? This is the Third lecture of our series on #Ancient_History. It consists of 08 Questions from the topic 'Aryans & Vedic Age' along with a very detailed explanation that will help you revise the concepts associated with this topic holistically for IAS exam.

This video covers the following topics:

1. Identity of Aryans

2. Features of Rig Vedic society

3. Tribal conflicts

4. Tribal Polity

5. Tribes & Family

6. Social Divisions

7. Rig Vedic Gods

8. Rig Veda

9. Sama Veda

10. Yajur Veda

11. Atharva Veda

12. Upanishads

A sound knowledge of the play field can guarantee a success in the game. UPSC is nothing but a game which can be won easily, provided that we are well aware of this field.

How will this video benefit us? The MCQs in this video will allow us to understand what kind of questions can be asked in UPSC Prelims 2019.

Moreover, the explanation in this video will help us to develop the capability to hit a sixer on a googly and how to apply "tigdams" to reach the correct answers. Gathering knowledge is one thing and using it to clear the IAS exam is different.

Come, lets make UPSC preparation easy and enjoyable!