Government Schemes for UPSC Prelims 2019 | Lecture 67 | Tribal + Culture Ministry

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This is the Sixty Seventh lecture of our series on #Government_Schemes.

In this series not only will we cover the important facts for UPSC but will also demonstrate as to how IAS questions are framed around Government Schemes. We will learn how to hit a sixer on a googly and how to apply "tigdams" to reach the correct answers.

In this video you will learn about some important facts associated with the following initiatives of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs:

1. Vandhan Yojana

2. Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana

3. Eklavya Model Residential Schools

4. TRIFOOD Scheme

5. Young Entrepreneurs of TRIFED Programme

and a few schemes and intiatives under Ministry of Culture as well:

1. Seva Bhoj Yojana

2. Intangible Heritage Scheme

3. Junior Heritage Mistri Scheme

4. Project Mausam

5. National Mission on Manuscripts

Also you will learn how to apply the knowledge gained in this lecture to solve MCQs as we will be discussing 11 MCQs from this topic.

Gathering knowledge is one thing and using it to clear the IAS exam is different.

Come, lets make UPSC preparation easy and enjoyable!

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